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From the Edge
19 July 2016 | Winery News | From the Edge

The Grape Global Escape to Cape Jaffa Wines

There’s a global melting pot of skilled labour at Cape Jaffa Wines (CJW) this vintage and with eyelash batting and stolen glances rife under clear, star filled skies a little bit of ‘World Peace’ may just be bottled with every 2016 wine…

From backgrounds as diverse as professional beer brewing to chemical engineering they followed their nose and travelled to the very edge of the Limestone Coast, South Australia to work with Derek and Anna Hooper.  Some read an article and became intrigued about biodynamic processes, some were referred by six degrees of ‘Pip’ separation, some just answered a job vacancy advertisement online.  A gypsy-like approach to travelling the world, chasing vintage work and a love of great food and even better wine resonating with them all.

“This region of the world is unique”, Scotty (England) says,  rather than competing with each other (the Mount Benson wineries) are working together to promote the region as a whole, it’s a refreshing change in a highly competitive industry”.  After being told there was ‘no relocation package’  Chris (New Zealand) finished University and drove his car the length of New Zealand to be able to get it home and catch his flight to Australia, arriving at CJW and being thrown into an earlier than normal start to Vintage.  “I think Cape Jaffa is unique in that you can learn about conventional, organic and biodynamic techniques all in the same place”, he says, “there’s a lot more to learn, a lot more to understand”.  Pip (New Zealand) agrees, “I’ve been here for two seasons now, we get to experiment.  Anna loves fresh thinking.  Pretty much any idea that’s remotely valid is OK, in fact the crazier the better.  Nothing is out of the ball park, if the idea fails then we all learn something”.

Paul (New Zealand) says “I’d worked with Pip seasonally in New Zealand for sex (six) years. I thought I was coming to Cape Jaffa Wines to drive a little fork lift around, she didn’t mention that it was actually seven and a half tonnes.  Now that the season is finished I’ve nearly got the hang of it!”  The joke is not lost on the group, they all agree that if you are going to chase vintage work the only expectation you should have is to have no expectations.  Scotty says “Paul and myself were picked up from Naracoorte by Anna and within half an hour of arriving at Cape Jaffa we had dropped our bags off, got changed and were scraping out tanks!”

Tom (New South Wales) agrees with the surprise factor.  “I was used to a fairly structured working day at the Brewery, and from the moment I arrived that was completely blown out of the water.  Long shifts back to back, I had no idea what was going on for the first couple of weeks, so for me it really has been quite the experience, there’s a lot to learn”. 

Petra (Finland) met Pip at a harvest in Bordeaux, France last year.  With a masters in Chemical Engineering she is still perplexed by the Australian ‘small town’ syndrome.  “Everyone knows everyone”, she smirks, “it’s strange but as long as it’s not a shit job, then I’m happy to keep working out here”.  So what constitutes a ‘shit’ job for Petra? “If I don’t like it then it’s a shit job”…simple, honest and a masters, this young lady is one to look out for.

To employers looking to jump onto the ‘global influx of vintage staff wagon’ the answer to one final question may surprise you.  We asked them all, ‘Do you plan to hang around after vintage?’.  Chorus like, their answer was not related to better conditions, higher pay or promotional possibilities it was much, much simpler than that.  They will stay as long as they continue to learn, once there is no more to learn they will look for the next mentor.  With Derek and Anna Hooper at the helm this group of travellers certainly have a plethora of possibilities available to them.  As a group of young, good looking, well-travelled, food and wine loving adults they also have plenty in common to keep the sparks flying for a little while yet.



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